Add-ons are additional items that we can build or install for you. Vintage add-ons are rare as hens’ teeth and subject to availability.

ADDITIONAL SIDE TABLE: Need more counter space? Add a second removable side table to your setup with the laminate of your choice (see options page).
SOLAR SIDE TABLE: A Trailers4Two original! This 50 watt solar panel and controller charges your teardrop battery by day and serves as an extra side table at meal time. Check out the retro print tablecloths we make to protect from spills. 
CURTAIN RODS: Vintage style VW bar-ends and anodized aluminum tubing for your curtains.
TEA TOWEL CURTAINS: Classic window coverings made from 100% cotton tea towels in assorted patterns.

BABY MOON HUBCAPS: Give your teardrop that retro feel and protect against dirt and moisture.
SPICE RACK: Inspired by the spice racks from the 50’s, we make these in our own shop. (Rack only, you’ll have to find your own vintage shakers)!
GALLEY USB PORT (1947 KIT ONLY): Add a USB charging port in the galley for the chef. 
CHECKERBOARD VINYL DECAL: Adds fun to the pantry door backside. Black is standard but other colors are available to match your style.


PORT-O-STOVE: Vintage 1940’s aluminum 2-burner propane camp stove. This is the real thing!
HEHR WINDOWS: Fully restored vintage awning windows. Push-out lever operated for great cross ventilation.
BARGMAN WATERFILL: NOS vintage chrome waterfill with new stainless locking bail. A big upgrade from the plastic version.
KING BEE CLEARANCE LIGHTS: NOS vintage red beehive lights from an earlier era.
TOWEL RACK: NOS Vintage Ekco 3-arm towel rack.
BOTTLE OPENER: Vintage Starr “x” Coca-Cola bottle opener.