Accessories are clever items produced by Trailers4Two that make teardrop camping even more enjoyable.

CABIN BAG: Cabin bags ride on the gear loft shelf and make packing for the weekend a cinch. Choose between #10 canvas duck or oilcloth outer lined with blue or red ticking. The heavy brass zipper and leather strap handles are durable and add to the vintage feel.
TABLECLOTH: Fun retro prints sized to fit the solar side table or a small folding camp table (see adventure gallery).
TIRE MOUNT TRASH & RECYCLE ORGANIZER: Built of durable vinyl coated PVC fabric, these handy organizers clip together and have draw string closures. Can be used singularly or as a pair.

NIGHT-LIGHT SWITCH: Power on the red running lights with the flip of a switch. Makes moving around the trailer easy even on moonless nights. A Trailers4Two original!
EXTRA BATTERY WITH CARRY CASE: Can be used with the night-light switch or as a backup should the onboard battery run low. 12v 22ah Deep Cycle Gel battery in vinyl coated PVC carry case.
SAIL AWNING: Easy up action made with sail baton structure, this no pole, double-door awning protects your doors from the elements. Galley sail also available to extend the dry area while cooking. Coming soon!