The Goldilocks Question:

Is camping in a teardrop trailer from Trailers4Two right 4 me?
Our teardrop trailers are quite small and are not a good fit for everyone. Ask yourself these 10 questions. If you answer “yes” to most then camping in a teardrop trailer from Trailers4Two might be just right for you:
1. As a child I felt at ease playing in and around small spaces such as a refrigerator box, the doghouse, a treehouse, a drift log beach fort or under the card table with a blanket spread over it?
2. Climbing through the hatch of a space capsule sounds thrilling to me?
3. My camping partner (husband, wife, BF, GF, SO, buddy, besty, date, child, dog, other) and I are perfectly content sleeping together on a Full size mattress and don’t need a Queen or King to feel comfortable?
4. Harry Potter’s cupboard bedroom under the stairs would have worked out OK for me?
5. When I hear the word “tent” I envision a compact 2-person shelter and not a 300 square foot fabric condominium?
6. I am able to change my clothes without standing up?
7. When nature calls during the night I can manage without a personal indoor toilet?
8. Cooking outdoors is still enjoyable for me in less than perfect weather?
9. I know how to make popcorn without a microwave?
10. Having 1,226 strangers ask about my “cute little trailer” is just fine with me?


Add up your score:
7-10 Yes Answers — Welcome Home!
4-6 Yes Answers — Rent before you buy…
0-3 Yes Answers — Google “5th Wheel.”
Extra Credit Point:
I have access to a tow vehicle with a Towing Capacity of 1000 lbs or greater, a 2 Inch Receiver and a Four Flat Wiring Harness?